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What is it about wineries and wine regions that makes them so relaxing and enjoyable to visit? Is it just the wine? Absolutely not. There is something about wineries that takes us back to nature, back to the land, and into the creative process of producing something that people drink and take pleasure in that resonates deep within us.

We chose remarkable wineries for the subject matter of our show because wineries and the regions in which they are located are, truly, extraordinary.  From the beautiful regions and towns where wineries are located, to the unique grape growing conditions, to the people who decide to be winemakers, to the different environments the winemakers choose within which to create their wines including architecture and setting, to winery legend, myth and lore, to the aging room full of barrels, all the way to the tasting rooms where we enjoy the wines, and even to the winery pets, there is beauty, history, and fascinating personal stories.  It is this enjoyment of experiencing wineries that we hope will capture the imagination of viewers of "World's Most Remarkable Wineries," a 13 episode PBS series.