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About World's Most Remarkable Wineries

World's Most Remarkable Wineries is a production of 4mywanderlust Productions, and its producer, Barbara Cray. It is a wonderful opportunity for Barbara to combine her love of wine, travel and history to create a television show for the public broadcasting model. It is also a chance for Barbara to work with some special talents to bring the show to life.

4mywanderlust Productions
The production company's first television show, European Christmas Markets has been broadcast nationwide on PBS stations in 2010 and 2011, and will be broadcast nationwide again for the 2012 holiday season. The company is currently in production on the 13 episode television show World's Most Remarkable Wineries to air on PBS in the fall of 2011, and is editing another Christmas special, Christmas on the Danube. Click here for more information on our production company.

Barbara Cray, producer
Barbara became a lover of wine, and wineries, because of her father, who was a home wine maker and winery enthusiast.  She has been fortunate to travel to many wine regions of the world for fun, and now by the World's Most Remarkable Wineries show will return to these locations, and many new ones. 

For the "World's Most Remarkable Wineries" show, she is also bringing her love of writing to the show, and so is wearing the hats of producer, director, writer, and sometimes photographer.  Barbara is also a preeminent attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area, having practiced there for over 25 years. 

cam makes wine

The Music
Barbara is a music lover, and amateur performer and musician-wanna-be.  She enjoyed a wonderful collaboration with The Kingston Trio for the folk Christmas music for her European Christmas Markets show.  For the wine show, she turns to her enjoyment of jazz music, which also came from her father's love of jazz.  From her association with The Kingston Trio, she asked Rick Dougherty, a current member and accomplished musician, to write a theme song.  Thus the theme song In Love With You, which you hear parts of on this site. 

And Barbara did not have to stray from her law practice roots to find a great group to record the music, The Potential Jazz Ensemble, one of whose members is a colleague at one of Barbara's bank clients.  Creativity is everywhere!  The members of the group, Melvin Arterberry, Jr. on piano, Tommy Myers on saxophone, and Jesse Norfleet on drums and percussions, are providing fantastic jazz music that adds to the ambience of our show.