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Remarkable Wineries • Series Overview

Sit back, relax, and drink in the new television series World's Most Remarkable Wineries to be broadcast on PBS stations. World's Most Remarkable Wineries is a 13-episode show where we will visit and show you what is remarkable about the wineries of the world. Part wine show, part travel show, part geography show, part history show and part trivia show, you will have fun with us as we use wineries in the broadest sense to entertain you, and always with beautiful visual images and accompanying music to enhance the show.

Every winery, and every wine region, is different, and therefore interesting for different reasons. And this is what makes for our series. What distinguishes this show from other wine shows is that we will focus not on the wine made, but rather explore the various things that make each winery we visit, well, remarkable.

The outdoor beauty of the vineyards and their surroundings will be the background visual treat for every show. But there is so much else that is interesting. Architecture of the winery, fantastic cellars, art collections, unusual or unique winemaker, history of the winery, winery legends and lore, and even winery pets, make for very entertaining fare. A huge telescope in the middle of a vineyard? A solar powered gondola ride to visit the winery? A winery whose stairway to the cellar is worn from centuries of use by the monks making the wine? A winery that has a legendary ghost haunting the grounds?

The combination of the inherently beautiful surroundings of wineries and the interesting stories that can be told at these remarkable wineries will combine to create the "wow factor" of an engaging and entertaining show.

The series will consist of 13 episodes per season aerial photo
Here is our tentative itinerary (not necessarily in order of broadcast):
We also hope to have a special show on interesting wine makers. For our second series, we hope to visit the world's other hemisphere, and show you the remarkable wineries in that antipodal environment. And the more seasons, the more wineries and wine regions to visit!

IN VINO VERITAS--come celebrate with us!