Airing on PBS Stations

Information for Wineries

Is your winery, or one you know, one of the world’s most remarkable wineries?

4mywanderlust Productions is filming an episodic television show designed for PBS broadcast. This show will be a bit different from other wine shows because it will focus not on the wine made, but on the winery.  If your winery is “remarkable” in one of the following categories, and if you would like your winery to be considered for part of a broadcast episode, please contact us as noted below.

Remarkable Categories:

  1. Outside beauty, architecture, location, views, appearance, features
  2. Inside beauty, architecture, appearance, features
  3. Cellars
  4. Historical nature of the winery
  5. Interesting winery legend, myth or lore
  6. Interesting winery pets or animals on the property
  7. Anything else that is unique or quirky and would make a good story
Contact Us

4mywanderlust Productions 303 Twin Dolphin Drive., 6th Floor, Redwood Shores, CA 94065
phone: 650-654-2720 or email us.

Please feel free to include any photos or other materials. 

Initial Disclosures and Requirements for Consideration:

  1. The winery makes only 100% grape wine.
  2. The winery allows visits by the general public to at least its tasting room and at least by appointment.
  3. The winery is willing to give our production company one full day access to film; designate a contact person; provide winery information as needed; and make available, if we request, an appropriate person to interview as to the subject matter of our winery visit.
  4. No financial consideration will be requested from nor provided by either the winery or our production company in connection with filming and being included in an episode.